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CEO Message


Welcome New

Team Members

• Brittaney Batt, RN II, Peds

• Kathleen Bucaria, Coord Scheduling PRN, TOSH -


• Megan Cruz, RN II, NICU

• Holly Davies, Case Manager, Case Management

• Leslie Evans, RN II, TOSH - Hyperbaric

• Jill Graciano, RN II, Labor Delivery

• Nicole Greenwood, RN II, 2 Oncology

• Ata Haider, AOT, Lab Clinical

• Barbara Massari, Path Transcriber, Anatomic Pathology

• Megan Merino, Marketing Coordinator, Public Relations

• Jasmin Orozco, Telemetry CAN, Telemetry

• Angela Rosas, CAN, 2 Oncology



John Bibby, VP of

Human Resources

Since February 2012, John has served as the Vice President of Human

Resources for Sunrise Hospital and Sunrise Children’s Hospital (a sister

facility). John’s accomplishments at Sunrise Hospital are numerous.

During his tenure, Sunrise has recruited over 1,400 new team members

to the Sunrise family, improved many of their human resource indicators

and led several operational departments.

John comes highly recommended from those who’ve worked with him.

Along with his strong human resources knowledge he will bring oper-

ations knowledge, energy, accountability and visibility to his role. We

are excited that John has decided to return to California to be closer

to family and assume the Vice President of Human Resources role at

Los Robles. We have big plans in 2015 as we work to fulfill our vision

of becoming a regional destination for care and the community’s most

trusted resource for health by focusing on building our healthcare team

and driving employee engagement.

Please join us in welcoming him to the Los Robles team.






Fall 2014


The Joint Commission

Top Performer


Key Quality




• Heart Attack

• Heart Failure

• Pneumonia

• Surgical Care

We were also very dedicated to

providing our community with

the latest health information

and education. This past year,

we held over 29 educational

events that were attended by

more than 4,000 members of

our community, participated

in several community events/

walks and trained hundreds of

people in sidewalk CPR.

I am excited for 2015 and I am

confident that it will be another

great year for Los Robles. We

will continue to add to our menu

of services with the addition of

a PICU, continued expansion

in Neurosciences, addition of

Telemedicine and an emphasis

on senior health. Our focus on

quality will be higher than ever

as we roll out patient outcome

improvement teams. Employee

Culture will also be a priority

in 2015. We will enhance

our recruitment of new staff,

focus on employee engage-

ment at all levels, and contin-

ue to develop our leadership

team. We will also continue to

look for ways to partner with

our physicians.

Of course, there’s still a lot of

work ahead. As a leadership

team we are committed to

ensuring that your voice is

heard. As you can see, this

“Friday Message” is one addi-

tional communication vehicle

that you can look forward to

receiving on a weekly basis.

In the coming weeks, all de-

partments will be encouraged

to display communication

boards containing hospital

and department-relevant in-

formation, goals and updates.

Each board will assist in help-

ing to navigate our journey to

another successful year.

You’re not alone on this

voyage; in addition, to com-

municating current hospital

updates, I would like to hear

from you! In the next couple

weeks, you will be able send

me a direct email through the

intranet homepage. I look

forward to receiving your

questions, comments and any

feedback you may have.

Thank you for all that you

do to take care of our pa-

tients and community. It is a

privilege to be part of the Los

Robles team.